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Yasmin and Yaz Recall?

Despite two studies linking Yaz and Yasmin to an increased risk of potentially deadly blood clots, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the drugs, has so far declined to issue a recall of the two birth control pills.

But with thousands of reports linking Yaz and Yasmin to side effects such as blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms and deep vein thrombosis, some legal experts believe that a recall notice may be imminent.

In February 2007, the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen called on the Food and Drug Administration to ban birth control pills such as Yaz and Yasmin that contain the hormone drospirenone. The group stated that because these products double the risk of blood clots while providing no additional contraceptive benefit, they should be taken off the market. Public Citizen estimated that a Yasmin and Yaz recall could save hundreds of women from serious and potentially deadly side effects each year.

Although the FDA has not yet heeded Public Citizen’s call to ban Yaz and Yasmin, the agency has issued multiple warnings about the birth control pills in recent years. In October 2008, the FDA sent a warning letter to Bayer about the company’s “false and misleading” Yaz commercials, which touted the drug as a treatment for acne and PMS symptoms—two conditions which it is not approved to treat. Bayer was later forced to air a $20 million ad campaign to correct misleading statements about taking Yaz for acne and PMS symptoms.

The FDA sent a second Yasmin and Yaz warning letter to Bayer in September 2009 concerning manufacturing problems with the birth control pills. According to the FDA warning, several adulterated batches of Yaz and Yasmin were shipped to the U.S. which should never have left. The letter criticized this as “an unacceptable practice.”

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